And So We Say Goodbye..

29 January 2007

May You Rest In Peace, Ah Yeh :’)

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Better Late Than Never..

27 January 2007

OMG.. I seriously need more than just a day to clear these long overdue drafts of mine. With the rainy season gone now, sun is shining graciously and here I am, sweating like a pig as I type all these out. I was bored so decided to just run through a few of em’ and terrified having come across a couple of entries dated back till mid last year!

Lisha celebrated her 20th birthday on the 28th December at Loft, Zouk with DJ Van spinning on that night itself, so double the joy! It was also my first time stepping foot into Loft so it felt a little awkward, considering the fact that I have been to Zouk so many times but never once to Loft. Moreover, I don’t really know the people who turned up except for Ivan, Van and Lisha herself! Hehehehe mainly from Pro-Hatch Enthusiast gang, I suppose?

We had only a short period of time to spend at Loft since it coincided with another special occasion so we moved on to Maison to meet up with the rest of the crowd after that. Hehehehehe, thanks for inviting me and I hope you had a great time, Lisha!

Together with Chun Min and Amanda!

We left at about 12 to meet up with Chin and Derek who opened bottles that lasted for merely an hour only. Maison was UNSURPRISINGLY packed to the brim but I got to meet up with many friends that I haven’t kept in touch with for the longest time! Smalls and Gavin were there. Kai Yen, Yew Yi, Koon Aw and Win Sizn were also present together with Chun Min whom I always bump into at Darus. Hehehehe it was like a mini Sri KL reunion! Rachel and Sing Yee were there as well. OMG… EVERYONE WAS THERE! Nice meting you too, Amanda!

Gah… Another long overdue draft down, plenty more to go! I’m gonna have to shower now anyway since I’d be off to Hartamas to celebrate Bryan’s 20th birthday later on. OH YEAH!! Have a great weekend, all you party animals out there!

The Will To Carry On..

25 January 2007

From the solemn cryings to the ringing siren of the ambulance, the frequent visits to the hospital surely does reminisce those times when my late grandma was being warded at SJMC. Despite the eight years gap, nothing much has changed with awfully familiar looking nurses still working and same old sombre atmosphere. Never a place to be.

With CT scans result out and condition of my grandpa looking bleak, a gleamer of hope wouldn’t change the fact that it’s just a matter of time. While the rest is trying their best to prolong grandpa’s lifespan, I felt helpess having only able to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Grandpa underwent his first radiosurgery treatment and is now under close surveillance for side effects. That place seriously sends shiver down my spine as it reminds me of those sci-fi movie with a special ward to house the mutated living orgasm organism.

Life is precious, and dying is nature of it. Value it and appreciate the life that is gifted upon you. To me, eating to full contentment is the way to living life to the fullest. There’s no point in grieving so why not make use of the times you have and spend it wisely? Therefore, we decided to convoy to Port Klang for some lip-smacking good seafood!

William was made the leader of convoy since he was so convinced of knowing the way to Port Klang, only to end up somewhere rural and that we had to stop by the side to ask for directions. Hahahahahahaha! Nevertheless, it was a fun (bumpy) ride with few panicking moments when Kel Li’s car disappeared from our sight. Turns out that she was just driving slow to be safe.. :P

Didn’t take us long to get back on track and shortly before arriving at the destination. Everyone was complaining about starvation so we ordered 4KGs of crabs, dried chilli fried squids, meehoon and rice, fish and prawns.. and many buns. Food was scrumptious and pretty reasonable, I’d say for so many dishes. I was literally filled with craps and had to make an emergency stop back at home before meeting the rest at Asiacafe for … SUPPER!

Daym, blogging about seafood makes me hungry now.. Hehehehehe! OH, and Epic Movie has got to be the stupidest movie ever made and that C-grade show easily turns Borat into a Blockbuster movie! I enjoyed watching a scrawny hairy man fighting with a fatass on bed more than the crap shit Epic Movie.. Thank goodness it’s free! GAHHHH!!

That’s all for now.. Thanks to all those concerned about my grandpa anyway. He’ll be fine… eventually. :)

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WordPress 2.1 Ella

24 January 2007

Just released, and it’s OWNAGE…. Go download it at!

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Even the Best Falls Down Sometimes..

22 January 2007

..But all is not lost :) The full time result is overshadowed by something else that matters more to me than anybody else, and boy can I sleep soundly tonight.

Good night :)

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And So A New Chapter Begins..

20 January 2007

As the month of January draws closer to an end, I can’t help but to dwell on the fact that college is about to welcome the returning students who just completed their industrial training programme. My last day of work on Wednesday wasn’t much of an emotional farewell though as we spent the last hours watching Borat and laughing our asses off!

The content development side. Say ‘Hi’ to Faraa (who wasn’t looking)!

All the fun times we had and nonsensical ramblings on countless occasions. I really do miss the tea breaks and erm, chicken rice that is being sold at the cafetoria. Hahahahaha it’s been a great eight weeks working together with the people who I’m closely associated with. The whole working environment is so different, it doesn’t feel like we’re actually ‘working’. We have fun as we do so and we get to meet many familiar superstars every once in a while too.

Akon and Vivian Hsu turned up on the same day but I didn’t get to take pictures of them. Ah Pop did so! You get to bump into the radio station DJs so often and Serena C having Chap Fan for lunch at the cafetria too! I so adore her!

And to “celebrate” the last day at work as the LAST intern of Xfresh, we ventured to Secret Recipe, Sri Petaling for some lip-smacking good food. I shall refrain from posting any pictures of the food that we ordered as I havent eaten my lunch yet, and it’s killing me!

Cherrie, the web development team leader.

Jason a.k.a Ah Pop, the one in charge of graphical content.

Albert, the one who works on the codings of the websites.

Rames, who is one freaking cool vector artist.

CK, who shares a lot of his anime tales with us. Anime freak!

Ryan, and he is the man behind the desk = Our BOSS!

Yow, who never fails to crack us up with his ever adorable poses.

Those above are the people that I have been seeing almost everyday for the past two months. They are the ones responsible for making me feel at home throughout the whole ordeal, and I can never thank them enough to make my internship at Xfresh truly a memorable one. Thank you all!

What matters most lies inside the envelope.

Glad to see 2006 go?
No, because I have too many fond memories to let it be the past of 2006.
Yes, because if the good ones don’t go, the betters ones won’t come.

Did u change your hair in 2006?
Hahahaha not really.

The best part of 2006?
The best part of 2006 would be the year itself. It’s been a great one :)

The worst part of 2006?
None, surprisingly.

Any new crushes in 2006? who?

Who will you never forget?
Every single person that I come to know of.

Who do you wish you didn’t meet?
Your mother-in-law. Hahahahahah just kidding. I love meeting new people!

Did you have a boyfriend in 2006?
I’m a heterosexual.

Did you fall in love in 2006?
I can’t be too sure if I actually did.

Did you catch someone in lie in 2006?

Did you call them out?

Did you get caught in a lie? What was it?
Not really, or at least that’s what I’d like to think so.

Funniest moment of 2006?
I can’t remember. There’s just too many of em’.

Most embarassing moment of 2006?
Same as above.

Did you take any vacations in 2006? where?
Hong Kong, Langkawi, Marang, Ipoh, Malacca and Singapore.

Any new hobbies of 2006?

Did you get a new job in 2006?
In fact, it’s my first job ever. A promoter.

Did you lose a job in 2006?
Not really.

Did you host a party in 2006?

Where did most of your money go?
Cover charges, booze and people that matters most to me.

What song will always remind you of 2006?
Paris Hilton- Stars Are Blind…

What do wish you’d done more of?
Commitment and patching up broken ties with distant friends.

What do you wish you’d done less of?

Biggest Achievement in 2006?
I feel sad cause I can’t seem to answer this question :(

Biggest Failure of 2006?
Being the same old me :)

In 2006, did u lie to miss a day of work/school?
Surprisingly, I didn’t!

Did you move in 2006?

What was your greatest musical discovery?
John O’ Callaghan and Sean Tyas! They both come up with awesome remixes :P

What was the best book you read?
I hardlt read..

What was your favourite movie of the year?
Too many great movies to actually decide on a favourite one.

What did you want in 2006 and got?
My Isabella! It’s a dSLR Nikon D70S, by the way.

What did you want in 2006 but didn’t get?
Serenity and trust.

Did you make out in public in 2006?
Dying to do so!

What’s the ringer on your cellphone?
Aurora Feat Lizzy Pattinson – Summer Son (Fandw Dub)

What kept you sane?
People around me… I think.

Who did you miss?
My old schoolmates!

Who was the best new person you met?
There’s just too many to list em’ out here.

What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more exciting?

Your favourite commercial in 2006?
Malaysia Airlines.

Something you couldn’t leave home without in 2006.
My sanity.

How did you spend New Year’s 2006?
Partying at Celcom’s NYE Party with Filterheadz, Above & Beyond and Blink!

Valentine’s Day 2006?
Stoning at home.

Easter 2006?
When’s Easter again?

Halloween 2006?
Stoning at home.

Thanksgiving 2006?
Stoning at home.

Christmas 2006?
Crapping in the toilet, like LITERALLY… Down with diarrhea.

Your Birthday?
Dinner with family and friends.

Tell us a valuable life lesson that you learnt in 2006?
Say ‘TAK NAK’ to cigarettes!

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Big Blog Meet 3 !

16 January 2007

Pass the message around and come join the fun! The more the merrier!
You may distribute the above e-flyer without my consent provided it is for non-commercial use.
Remember to confirm your attendance ASAP to make the life of the organizer much easier!MEET YOU THERE

REPORT: Singapore Trip 06′ (Part 1/2)

15 January 2007

It’s been more than a month since we got back from our much anticipated trip to Singapore. ZoukOut 06′ was screaming orgasm to many. I’m just glad that shit didnt happen throughout the whole trip. In fact, It was a whole lot fun together with the Kambings as well as the other two ladies and one Cicak.

Hehehe and this also meant that we have made a trip down to Singapore by train for four consecutive years, since 2003. I don’t see any reasons why anyone would get enough of what the Lion City has to offer. There’s just something about both the citizens and country itself; they are all so WELL-DEVELOPED! Hehehehehe okay nevermind that..

New additions to the usual gang: Nat and Kel Li.

Wei Ping, Vincent, Eugene and Joel.

The journey took slightly longer than usual with a short interval in between when the train totally came to a standstill without lights and air-conditioner. Apparently some technical difficulties surfaced but boy, were we glad that it didn’t take long for the people to overcome the issues.

Happily indulging self in her own fantasy world.

Sugar overdose resulted in a very hyper Nat… Dangerous!!

Most of the people were asleep, while some actually read novels to keep themselves occupied. A minority group chose to invade others’ bunks instead and robbing sleeping hours off the poor ones. Hehehehehe ;P Unlike the previous trips, we only managed to reach Woodlands at about 7:30am when the sun was already shining brightly in the sky.

As much as we’d love to see dramas taking place at the immigration checkpoint, we decided to behave for once and sanely abided to the law of Singaporeans. Post-immigration was pain in the ass though as we had to wait for the slower crowd behind to get past the immigration before letting us back to the train. It was then another 15 minutes before alighting at the ever familiar Tanjong Pagar train station.

Everyone who was there, except for Jit Sen

Nat is all smiles upon stepping foot on Singapore!

Upon stepping out of the train, I jokingly let out a big cry, “Oh, it’s good to be back home!“. People around started staring at me in suspicion. Hahahaha okay, perhaps I don’t look or even sound like a Singaporean after all, so it wouldnt take much effort for them to burst my bubble. Surely does bring back good memories attained during the past four trips though.

Kambings, Ex-Kambing and One Cicak

We then dropped our luggages off at the hotel before going on camwhoring spree and breakfast at Mcdonalds. Knowing that check-in time was 3pm, we could only make our way to the shopping haven, Orchard Road and paid our favourite Pepper Lunch a visit at Takashimaya.
I just love how I get to cook my beef to suit my liking, and medium rare all the way it is! We were also greeted by dark clouds that shrouded the sky throughout the day. Not quite enough to dampen our mood though :)

Yum yum… It’s Pepper Lunch (without any pepper)!

OMG… my beef became overcooked :(

Jit Sen, Vincent, myself and Wei Ping.

Joel, Eugene, Nat and Kel Li

We decided to just walk around the place before heading back to the hotel for some well deserved rest since we needed to recharge for our first ever outing to the Ministry of Sound, Singapore! Daym, that place is just plain gorgeous and simply indescribable. Clarke Quay look tremendously beautiful when night falls as the whole river gets illuminated by the countless amount of bars and restaurants that reside over there.

Well, then of course dinner comes first before partying since drinking with an empty stomach is a no-no. The last time I dined at the Beach Bar restaurant was two years ago and well, that place didn’t change much. Food wasn’t too bad either. I ordered the caribbean grilled chicken or something that goes along that line.


I don’t know if it’s just Ministry of Sound or that other clubs found in Singapore generally lives up to MY expectation. Then again, perhaps I was being a little tad too jakun over stepping foot into one of the most renowned clubbing brand name franchise but everything seemed so awesome! The crowd was great albeit the awkward dancing habit of theirs. Cover charge at SGD25 with two complimentary drinks and a variety of rooms with different music genres to indulge yourself into. Pretty reasonable, no?

OMG! Ministry of Sound emblem! Spin spin on the floor somemore!

Bottomed up the first complimentary drink already. What a waste :(

Just chilling at the bar of Room 54 (Disco pop and Retro)

Drinks are pretty expensive though if you were to convert it back to Malaysia ringgit. Each tequila pop costs 12SGD and that’s about dollar-to-dollar. I had like 3 tequila shots, 1 teguila pop, beers and whisky coke within an hour plus. Was quite surprised to see myself still standing towards the end of the night. Hehehehehe despite the fact that I spent more than I initially did, everything was all good and we slowly slithered our way back to the hotel.

KOed. Mission Accomplished!

We could have stayed much longer considering that clubs in Singapore only bring down the shutters at 5am in the morning. Unfortunately, we had to make a move as an early day with many plans await us. More pictures can be found at both Kel Li’s and Nat’s blog. No links provided, sorry. Just be hardworking for once and browse through their archives la, k?

More to come as we moved on to Suntec City and had my very first bite of Carls. Jr and consecutive trip to Ministry of Sound… Hehehehe stay tuned for part 2, people!

Dinner time :P

Someone To Die For

14 January 2007

Before you landed
I had a will but didn’t know what it could do
You were abandoned
And still you’re handing out what you don’t wanna lose
You make me drop things
Like all the plans I had for a life without you

Someone to die for
Someone to fall into when the world goes dark
Someone to die for
Someone to tear a hole in this endless night
Someone like you

I’m drunk when sober
The room is spinning
You are what I hold on to
You’re taking over
I find that giving in is the best I can do

Someone to die for
Someone to fall into when the world goes dark
Someone to die for
Someone to tear a hole in this endless night
Someone like you

Someone to die for
Someone to die for
Someone to die
Someone to die for
Someone to fall into when the world goes dark
Someone to die for
Someone to tear a hole in this endless night
Someone like you

Jimmy Gnecco feat. Brian May
Someone To Die For

Markus Schulz feat. Carrie Skipper – Never Be The Same Again

10 January 2007


Heavenly, is all that, I could feel
Now your here, there’s nothing left, for me to feel
From this day on…

I’ll never be the same again, I’ll never be able to live my life…
I’ll never be the same again, I’ll never be able to live my life…
From this day on

How could I ever get over you?
How could I ever get over you?
How could I…
Since you came along
How could I ever get over you…

Source: Trancestation Lyrics