Not Exactly

29 December 2008

Full of surprises. 2008 is SO going to end with a bang! Like AHHH!

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Still Alive

27 December 2008

Hello and Merry Slinkin’ Christmas, people! Surely hope you guys managed to shake those terrible hangovers off in time for some massive Boxing Day sale yesterday. Well, not so much for me since I didn’t plan to shop in the first place. Just a little bit of a culture shock seeing the whole of Victoria locking down on shops in the city, it’s a total stampede!

With shops having open since 5am, queues were such a common sight in malls and along the streets. Oh, even male toilets are no exception! Boxing Day was such a contrast to Christmas itself, when Swanston Street was practically deserted. I could even lie down right in the middle of the street and afraid only of getting shit on by the flying seagulls.

While the rest were busy calculating the loss of the day, I pretty much had a quiet night after dinner.. thinking. With the bars all packed to the brim and us feeling rather exhausted after hours of scavenging whatever we come across for the cheapest bargain, majority voted for a stroll along Yarra River instead.

Something different. Just five of us, having a good laugh by the side of the polluted river, overlooking the lovebirds scattered over the place and some private functions with those retro music blasting through the loud speakers. Some “old school” party, ay?

Christmas Day itself was an exciting one, with BBQ at Wilson’s place. We initially planned on cooking a special dinner for ourselves, but Aris insisted that we join them because they bought almost 40KGs of meat!

Even with almost 25 of us who turned up in line for the food, I think we had a bit of a problem finishing most of em’. Then of course, what’s BBQ without a few drinks especially on a warm day. Hah!

Everyone donned in red and green to go with the Christmas theme, as expected. I’m also beginning to think the Jester cap is quite a nifty investment, though at times it looks just like an octopus..

Apart from that, life has been at ease.. Especially after a hectic start of December, from scrambling around in preparation of welcoming the Yappies here for my graduation to applying for Master at Monash Unifersity. Oh how time flies, it’s been a week since they left and another two more before I pamper myself with more food and family lovin’!

Having said that, I would like to announce my return to blogging from the unpronounced hiatus! Happy holiday once again and stay tuned for updates!

p.s. Monash, here I come!

“Look around you, and see what you’ve done for yourself.”

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Come What May

12 December 2008

Just for the record, I’m still alive even though the past weeks have been real hectic. Preparations of graduation, house inspections, accommodation and car rental, meeting up with friends and applications for Masters. I NEED A BREAK! Surely had those breathing down my neck every other day.

So our Gold Coast plan isn’t going to materialize after all. Kinda disappointed but I guess there’s always another time. And in times to come, these are the ones that I currently have my eyes on… WOOT WOOT!

What will YOU be doing this weekend? :)

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