Gong Xi Fa Cai

29 January 2009

Seriously, life without the internet can be very traumatizing at times. I wake up not knowing the weather forecast of the day, thus walking out of the house only to get drenched in rain. I meet up with my friends not knowing what the rest are talking about cause I cannot keep myself updated with the latest news on just about everything. I stay at home and getting bored out of my wits while having to endure the orchestral barking of my four beloved pets.

OUCH! I know. I never thought I’d be using my newly purchased earplugs back home instead of rave parties. How pathetic! Apart from that, the past days of Chinese New Year have been rather dull, as expected. Celebrations were kept to a subtle and festive mood is just no longer present.

Another week or so, till I fly back to Melbourne. I don’t want to. I want to. I’m having bit of a mixed feeling. Or perhaps just yet another difficult phase of life where you have to make important decisions and overcome the transition of a grown-up.

And no, I have still got no internet at my new place. Therefore, I’m typing these out all alone back at my old place in Subang as we speak. Kinda spooky if you ask me, now that the house is pretty much emptied and only with my room lit up.

I’m gonna be away during the weekend, thus missing out on Uncle Fono’s gig at Zouk mainroom tomorrow night. Do drop by and give him some lovin’ if you have the time because it’s SO gonna be a night to remember! Speaking of which, Zouk is like THE kampung cause that’s where you eventually bump into friends, both old and new ones. I’m so gonna miss whoring Zouk when I go back Down Under :\

Okay, till I blog again.. Take care and Happy Chinese New Year once again!

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Dream On

22 January 2009

Suddenly, my new room doesn’t feel special anymore. Not like it ever was, in the first place.
10 years and I shall realize this realistic dream of mine. Yes, I can!


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The Times Are Changing

20 January 2009

With only little two weeks more to go, I can’t believe my holiday back home is coming to an end much faster than I ever anticipated. The past fortnight was spent mostly with family and friends. Some quality time indeed. I suppose not many people have come to realize the fact that I’m actually back just yet.

I will be leaving on the proposed date of 8th February, though I will be around most of the time except during the period of 30th January till 2nd February because that’s when I get to indulge in authentic Thai food and shopping haven, Bangkok! My current KL number is posted on my Facebook, so do give me a call if you plan on meeting up anytime soon!

Apart from making myself look busy with preparation of moving to our new home in Kemuning Utama, I have also been busy cleaning up the room which I left unattended for almost a year. Mom says that my room has not been reverted to its original state ever since I got back. Ahhh the good ol’ days! Tee hee!

Being Mr.Yap, he’s becoming so impatient in getting the house completed in time for Chinese New Year, even though it is pretty much renovated by now. As a matter of fact, I’m actually moving in this coming Thursday as well! Unfortunately, there wouldn’t be any open house anytime soon as Mr.Yap now needs to budget a bit for the Bangkok trip as well.

However! Will keep you guys updated because I’m definitely throwing a house party this weekend as a HOUSE WARMING session, and possibly another round before I head back to Melbourne. Don’t expect much but do let me know if you’re interested so I can plan something interesting for my beloved visitors!

Right.. and I have got no car to drive around ever since my dad had sold the Proton Wira, just so you know. That also explains why I’ve been online pretty much most of the time cause I couldn’t get out of Subang and yes, I still believe that public transportation here in Malaysia is non-existent.

OKAY… Back to cleaning up the room. Will blog about Sister Bliss, Armin van Buuren and U.O.X Play at Zouk when I get the chance to, aights? Guess I finally come to know why everyone’s whoring Zouk once again, though I still dislike the fact that the mainroom has been reduced in size by more than 50%! So miserable..

Have a great day and tatas!

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Ip Man (Hoong) : So Damn Wing Chun!

14 January 2009

So I’ve finally watched Ip Man with my family last night and what do you know? With the exact surname, Ip Man looked way too similar to my great grandfather, it is not funny. Judging from an actual portrait of him before the credits start rolling, my dad instantly pointed out the fact that we might just really be related to the legendary martial artist after all!


Especially when it comes to Chinese cultural tradition, a person who shares the same surname means they belong to the same family. Hah! So that also means I might be related to yet another illustrious martial artist, Wong Fei Hung! Both hailing from Fo Shan of Guangdong Province, China, my late grandmother shares the same Wong surname. Fuish!


Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to see my late great grandparents in person, because Mr.Yap decided to take a 6 year long hiatus before bringing me into this wonderful place called earth. Whoahhh, now I’m just wondering where my kung-fu fighting talent is hidden in…


Yeah yeah I know. Another round of nonsensical ramblings but hey, I guess there is no harm pondering just one of the many possibilities, yes? OKAY, self-proclamation aside, I personally find the movie very good! First of all, Hong Kong productions have not come up with such a quality kung-fu fighting movie for the longest time, what more based on such an iconic figure who brought Bruce Lee to his stardom as well.

The length of the movie is just about right, filtering unimportant elements to focus more on the life of Ip Man when the Japanese occupation occured, taking over parts of China by military force. Cinematography is just as subliminal and fighting sequences being flawless!

I don’t wanna become Spiderman anymore.
I don’t wanna become Batman anymore.
I don’t wanna become Ironman anymore.


Now one last question; Who wants to enroll at the Wing Chun Kung-Fu academy along Swanston Street with me? If memory serves me right, there’s one located a floor below Cookie Bar only!

Now let’s go kick some assssssssssssssssss, yo!

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Rancangan Tergendala

4 January 2009

In case you’re wondering, I have been around pretty much all the time. Yes, my Mozilla Firefox decided to play a prank by restricting me access to my WordPress administration panel. Little did I know that solution was just a simple mouse button click away and here I am blogging once again! Moreover, this whole new WordPress takes some time getting used to… So pwetty!


Now let’s see where I have left off. Oh right! Right.. So I did promise to blog regularly once again, which I truly intended so but you know, the wonders of technology *shrugs* And please, if you could just bear with me the naked blog of mine for a while cause Yours Truly tried acting smart by deleting certain files which ultimately screwed up my old blog template.


With a plane to catch tomorrow, I doubt I would have much time to blog anyway, so I guess I’ll just keep the updates waiting till I get back to Malaysia. Home sweet home, baybeh! Sensation truly was an experience and simply amazing! Reviews to be up real soon! Till then, here’s FIRST ROUND ANNOUNCEMENT of Trance Energy 2009 Australia to you. Havocness!


P.S Unfortunately, my KL number is no longer in service. Those who want to meet up, do drop me a message on Facebook, aights? Will post my temporary number once I get my hands on one. Byes byes!

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